A Report on key numerical and constitutional implications of the electoral system as amended by the Electoral Amendment Act

VIEW THE DOCUMENT HERE: https://bit.ly/3MZncNq

The recently enacted Electoral Amendment Act, 1 of 2023, has introduced significant changes to the electoral system in relation to independent candidates seeking election to the National Assembly. In light of these amendments, a comprehensive report has been compiled to assess the key numerical and constitutional implications of the revised electoral system. The report aims to shed light on the impact of the amended act on independent candidates, exploring the opportunities, challenges, and potential consequences that arise from these changes. By delving into the intricacies of the revised electoral system, this report serves as a valuable resource for understanding the evolving landscape of political representation and the prospects for independent candidates in their pursuit of elected office within the National Assembly. In this brief, we will provide an overview of the report’s objectives, highlight its significance, and offer a glimpse into the crucial findings that shape our understanding of the electoral system as it pertains to independent candidates.

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