To be the custodians of a platform that will activate, empower and hold independent candidates accountable to their communities and the values of the organisation.

“The Independent Candidates Association ” - (ICA)


The Independent Candidates Association (ICA) is an association of independent candidates and a variety of affiliate organisation that represent the interests of independent candidates and direct democracy in South Africa.

“In line with a pledge given the attendees of the Congress of the People in 1955, namely, to bind themselves and their supporters to

‘Strive together, sparing neither strength nor courage, until democratic changes have been won.

The first principle.
“ The People shall govern”.

Every man and woman shall have the right to stand as a candidate for all bodies which make laws.

This led to a team of committed leaders from May 2017 to start a constitutional process until justice was proclaimed on 11 June 2020



The Independent Candidates Association is a Non-Profit Company duly registered under Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). ICA is a voluntary association of members who conduct themselves democratically in accordance with this Constitution and in pursuit of the Mission and Objectives set out in the Constitution.

12 November 2018
Pioneering journey of Independent candidates in South Africa.

A constitutional journey of many stakeholders of courage and tenacity.

26 November 2018
Electoral Act

Judge Desai ruled that the Electoral Act was not unconstitutional 

January 2019
Constitutional Court

In –an application was made to the Constitutional Court to argue the matter.

16 April 2019
Direct Access allowed

But the hearing was postponed until after the National & Provincial Elections

8 May 2019
National & Provincial Elections

Proceedings Report from the EISA Post-Election Conference,
Crowne Plaza, Rosebank, 8-9 July 2019


15 August 2019
Constitutional Court Hearing

Judgement was reserved


11 June 2020

New Nation Movement NPC and Others v President of the Republic of South Africa and Others (CCT110/19) [2020] ZACC 11; 2020 (8) BCLR 950 (CC); 2020 (6) SA 257 (CC) (11 June 2020)

- Victory Judgement -

SAFLII (Southern African Legal Information Institute: (Document) -




The CC declared the Electoral Act unconstitutional, insofar as it limits the rights of independent candidates to stand for public office in general elections. The court suspended the order for 24 months, to allow Parliament to remedy the defect. This landmark judgment marks the evolution of the South African democracy. It opens the possibility of an independent candidate being elected to the presidency.

July 2020
Legal Team to draft Direct Elections Bill
August 2020
The path to Direct Elections begins


Notice of Intention to introduce Direct Elections Bill formally appeared in the Government Gazette on 28 August 2020.

Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee will now consider the Bill and its contents in light of the Constitutional Court ruling.

25 January 2022
Parliament Seeks Comment on Electoral Amendment Bill

The bill was tabled in parliament earlier this month.

The home affairs department published the bill’s explanatory summary in Government Gazette 45716 at the end of December 2021.

According to the explanatory summary, the aim of the proposed legislation is to give effect to the Constitutional Court decision in New Nation Movement NPC & others v President of the Republic of South Africa & others [2020] ZACC 11.

The decision declared the Electoral Act of 1998 unconstitutional to the extent that it “requires that adult citizens may only be elected to the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures only through their membership of political parties”.

The bill aims to amend the Electoral Act, 1998, so as to:

• insert certain definitions consequential to the expansion of this Act to include independent candidates as contesters to elections in the National Assembly and provincial legislatures;
• provide that registered parties must submit a declaration confirming that all its candidates are registered to vote in the region or province where an election will take place;
• provide for the nomination of independent candidates to contest elections in the
National Assembly or provincial legislatures;
• provide for the requirements and qualifications which must be met by persons who wish to be registered as independent candidates;
• provide the procedure to follow for a non-compliant nomination of an independent candidate;
• provide for the inspection of copies of lists of independent candidates and accompanying documents;
• provide for objections to independent candidates;
• provide for the inclusion of a list of independent candidates entitled to contest elections;
• provide that independent candidates are bound by the Electoral Code of Conduct;
• provide for the return of a deposit to independent candidates in certain circumstances;
• amend Schedule 1;
• substitute Schedule 1A; and
• provide for matters connected therewith.

The portfolio committee on home affairs invites comments on the bill until 21 February 2022.



February 2022
Independent Candidate Association South Africa Founded
Independent Candidate Association SA


A new oversight body to govern independent candidates, councillors and lawmakers in South Africa.

02 March 2022
ICA Oral Submission to Parliament

Electoral Reform continues with Dr Michael Louis pioneering and evolving the political arena through empowering independent candidacy in South Africa.


(PRESENTATION) - View Slides Here:


25 March 2022
ICA and Civic Organisations Expose the Ruling Party

Pierre de Vos echoes Dr Michael Louis' presentation to the Portfolio Committee opposing the current bill.
It is evident in the maths done for Parliament, where the outcome becomes rather interesting. What are your thoughts?


13 May 2022
Olive branch offered to government as electoral reform deadline approaches

Dr Michael Louis urges government to drop its flawed Electoral Bill now and join hands to achieve optimal voting system

27 May 2022
Civil Society Round Table Discussion on #ElectoralReform

Civil Society agrees on next steps to change electoral system before 2024 elections

Read Media Statement:



This gathering took place just two weeks ahead of the 11 June 2022 deadline set by the Constitutional Court for Parliament to change the country’s electoral laws to be in line with the Constitution. Following the New Nation Movement judgment of June 2020, Parliament was ordered to change our unconstitutional electoral laws to allow for South Africans – who are not members of any political party – to run for public office and serve their country.

24 June 2022
South Africans must directly elect the President, recommends Zondo Commission

Chief justice Raymond Zondo's recommendation that voting laws should be changed to allow South Africans to directly elect their president has reignited a 20-year-old debate over electoral reforms.



18 July 2022
ICA & OSA Meet with IEC to discuss Electoral Reform
A Leading Movement and Civil Society met with the IEC to discuss a proposal the consequences & constitutional issues and put forward the recommendations in light of the current Electoral Amendment bill, Leading Electoral Reform in South Africa.
September 16 2022
More than 50 civil society organizations rejected the Electoral Amendment Bill.

More than 50 civil society groups gathered on the steps of Parliament on Friday to hand over a formal submission to the Speaker of the National Assembly, rejecting the Electoral Amendment Bill currently before Parliament. 

The bill will change the Electoral Act of 1998 in order to make provision for the election of independent candidates to Parliament and provincial legislatures. 

The Constitutional Court granted Parliament an extension until 10 December to effect the necessary amendments.

20 October 2022
Parliament adopted the Electoral Amendment Bill for a system that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world.

In its current form, the bill provides for the participation of independent candidates, but retains the proportional electoral system.

The bill now heads to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) for concurrence.

But all is not lost just yet. According to the committee report, the bill is tagged section 76. This means provincial legislatures will have to deliberate on it. 


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African college student

ICA Charter

We, the Independent Candidates Company South Africa NPC, having realised the importance of having an organisation to hold independent candidates accountable and to build a national organisation of independent candidates and affiliate organisations and individuals, commit ourselves to build a transformed, organised organisation that is non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, representative, transparent and accountable to all whom it serves and to the public at large.


The Independent Candidates Association is a national association of both independent candidates and affiliate organisations. Affiliate organisations are juristic persons or any other corporate entities that are committed to building a transformed organisation which is non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, representative, transparent and accountable.

We also invite organisations registered under section 15A of the Electoral Commission Act. These are organisations that are registered for the purpose of contesting local elections and have been vehicles for independent candidates to contest for the Proportional Representation Vote.

MEET THE ICA South Africa team

Meet some of the individuals that are the driving force behind The Independent Candidates Association (ICA)


Dr Michael Louis



Michael Louis’s Grandparents arrived in South Africa in 1914 from Lebanon. He studied Law and completed post graduate courses at Harvard University. His experience is varied, from Property Executive for some of the largest Corporate Property Companies in South Africa, to Media, Agriculture, Education and Politics.

At the start of the “Mandela Era” in 1994, he encountered a spiritual calling to Politics and became a Member of Parliament in the Western Cape Parliament. He was a founding member of the African Christian Democratic Party in South Africa and served as Chairman for 6 years. He also fulfilled a Cabinet position in Government with the Portfolios of Public Works, Asset Management and Development Planning. During this time he was also privileged to represent his party in drafting the National and Provincial Constitutions.  

Michael presently serves his 3rd Generation Family Business, The Louis Group International, originally established by his Grandfather.  House of Louis, a century of family tradition, has offices in London, Singapore, South Africa and Germany the company has been recognised with numerous awards; Top 100 Property Companies, Top Manager  of the Year, Top Company to work for, South Africa’s Leading Manager of the Year and numerous International  Awards. The Company focuses on Property Investment, Finance, Leadership, Information Technology and these companies all are committed to maintaining a Christian Ethos of Integrity, Innovation and Excellence.

Having won the Team Leadership Award at the J.F. Kennedy School for Privatisation and Regulatory Reform, Michael has also been nominated for numerous leadership awards including being one of South Africa’s top 20 Christian mentors as cited in the book, “Mentors”. He also experienced a successful climb to Kilimanjaro in May 2007. More recently he was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate from Nyack University in New York with Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine.

He has served on many local and International Boards and key speaker on numerous local and inter national forums. 

Michael passion is to make a social difference to a country he has been committed to for the past thirty years. His current passion is one of the founding members of One South Africa Movement and the pioneer and force behind the # Direct Elections Bill currently serving in Parliament. 

Muzuli Picture (1)

Mudzuli Rakhivhane

(LLB, Stellenbosch University)


Mudzuli is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, with practice experience in litigation, specialising in administrative and contract law. She spent over a year as a law clerk to the Chief Justice at the Constitutional Court of South Africa where she was privileged to contribute to the country’s ongoing constitutional project through legal research.

Her passion to see South Africa’s Constitution transform the lives of everyday South Africans, has led her to join One South Africa Movement. Some of Mudzuli’s roles in One South Africa include leading the organization’s advocacy initiatives, assisting in the registration, and fundraising initiatives of community groups to compete in Local Government Elections. Her goal is to help make the ideal of electoral reform a tangible reality in South Africa.


Zarina Prasadh

(BA LLB, University of Witwatersrand)


Zarina Prasadh boasts over 20 years of experience in the legal sphere, having worked in both the private and public sectors of society. 

Her expertise far reaches positions as a commercial attorney, a director of various companies and an advisor to corporates and Ministers of State. 

Zarina has been practising as an Attorney since 2001. Zarina achieved the status of Advocate in 2015. Zarina is a trained international mediator and an internationally accredited arbitrator.

Zarina has assisted in the training of CEDR accredited mediators and was the Chairperson of the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council. 

Zarina boasts extensive experience in Private Corporate Governance, Public Sector Governance, Public Policy Development. 

Zarina has too assisted in the drafting of national legislation.

Currently, Zarina runs a legal consulting business with much emphasis and focus on SMME work. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the Africa School of Governance, whose primary focus is to train and raise ethical and competent public leaders. She holds various directorships and trusteeships. 


Arno van Niekerk



Dr Arno van Niekerk is an economist and senior lecturer at the University of the Free State.  


Arno has his PhD in Economics, achieved in 2008, after completing his research at the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.


Arno is also a visiting professor at Salzburg University (FHS) in Austria and an established researcher in International economics and Inclusive economics, having published numerous academic articles in peer-reviewed journals (national and international) and presented over 40 papers at academic conferences around the world. In 2015 he published a book titled “Enough! What is the plan?”, dealing with the Historic division of the people of South Africa and the need for healing in the nation. 


The above led to several invitations to speak at various events, ranging from Mighty Men conferences to Sharpeville human rights days. Combining his career and ministry enables him to live out his calling to the fullest. 


Arno has started numerous ministry-related initiatives. Some of which are; Mighty Families, Christian Consensus in SA and Project SA and Raising Righteous Rulers (RRR). 


Arno lives with his wife and their two sons in Bloemfontein.




(MM, Wits University)


Amelia Tsukudu holds a Master of Management Degree (MM) and Post Graduate Diploma (P&DM) in  Public & Development Management from Wits University, specialising in managing service delivery partnerships, policy process and operations management and service delivery. 


Amelia is currently a passionate activist for change in South Africa and believes in developing people and organisations through community development.


Amelia shares strong experience in the Education Sector in her history 24 years of teaching history. Some other experience serving as a Public Representative and as Chairperson of MPAC and serving as a member of the Mayoral Committee.

Blue Social Media Photo Profile Instagram Post





Reverend Christopher Mathebula is the Founder of Hope Restoration Ministries, South Africa, founded in 2001 with seven campuses around Gauteng. 


Christopher founded  People Matter Foundation in 2019 as a humanitarian organisation that cares for people irrespective of who they are and their roots.

Devoted Citizen by Reverend Mathebula: is the most recent founded organisation in 2020. This movement inspires all South African citizens to build a better life for themselves.

Chris is a Devoted Citizen, a patriot of repute and champions maker, a ministry strategist, an inspirational conference speaker, an accomplished author, a mentor and trainer of leaders and a success coach. 

Reverend Mathebula, is married to Phindi since 1996, are blessed with five children and is passionate about building a better South Africa for all.

Dirk Van Der Mecht

Dirk Van Der Mecht

(BTh, Stellenbosch University)


Dirk van der Mescht, grew up in Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape and matriculated at Kirkwood High School.  He went on to study at Stellenbosch and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. 

Dirk later spent the next 6 years in London working as a primary school teacher.  During this time he met his wife, who is also from South Africa and they have two twin boys and a girl.

On their return to South Africa, he spent time as a real estate agent in Kirkwood and when they moved to Port Elizabeth he moved into the motor trade.  During that time he realised that God was calling him into full-time ministry.

He was part of the team that launched ‘Human Hearts Ministry’ and this set the foundation for the launch of Waypoint Community Church.  He has been a senior pastor at Waypoint Community Church for the past seven years.

In 2021 Dirk was part of the team that launched the ‘Mandela Bay Community Movement’ (MBCM).  MBCM is not a political party but an organisation.  Our focus is to rebuild communities and connect them with other communities.  As part of what we do, we grow leaders of integrity who are already involved in their communities and set the platform for them to do that effectively and also to contest the local elections.  

Dirk has a heart for people and that is his driving force.  He believes that Port Elizabeth and the Metro as a whole has such a huge amount of potential.  The major reason for this not being released is a lack of leaders with integrity and leaders with vision.  The same applies to our country.


We can be and we can do so much more as a country and we owe it to the people in our communities and to the next generation to get this right.  The time has come for everyone to get involved and shape the future, which is possible.  There is no better time than now.


Dorian Wrigley

(BSc and MSc -Eng.)


Dorian is a businessman and Executive Chairman of Umbono Capital. Dorian has assisted in developing and building a portfolio of assets that strive towards potential economic transformation.

Dorian serves as  CEO of PeCo Power, a developer of off-grid electrification and load shedding solutions. Dorian hopes to see millions of lives transformed through, the provision of cost-effective, safe, and reliable sources of renewable energy. 

Dorian serves as an elder and executive of Every Nation Church Johannesburg. 

Dorian also serves as a founder and trustee of the Inhlakanipho Education and Development Trust (which puts underprivileged learners through some of South Africa’s best high schools) and Leaders in Transformation which equips university students and marketplace leaders with a Biblical Worldview and a passion to serve Christ. 

Dorian is an avid cyclist who spends as much time enjoying the beauty of our Country, his great friends and good coffee. All the necessary ingredients that go along with the pleasure one experiences on a bicycle. 


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