Electoral bill remains ‘unconstitutional’ – Independent Candidate Association

(Watch the Video Interview) How many people wasted their votes at the last local government elections in 2021? Dr Michael Louis chats to Michael from BizNews in a wide-ranging interview where Michael Louis explains the genesis of the June 2020 concourt ruling on how the bill of rights which gives the individual the right to […]

Why proposed amendments to SA’s electoral system favour the governing ANC

 IMAGE: Right – A woman leaves a voting station after casting her vote during the local government elections in Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa, on 1 November 2021. (Photo: EPA-EFE / KIM LUDBROOK) By Pierre de Vos In June 2020, the Constitutional Court instructed Parliament to amend the electoral system within 24 months to allow independent […]

Electoral reform bill: Independent candidates want to champion service for South Africans failed by politics accreditation

Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee will consider submissions on the Electoral Amendment Bill. In June 2020, a Constitutional Court ruling declared the Electoral Act unconstitutional. The committee is on a drive to present amendments to adhere to the directive of the Constitutional Court. Independent candidates running for political office removes the notion that South Africans must […]

The parody that is public participation in South Africa laid bare at Electoral Bill hearings

The public hearings into government’s proposed new Electoral Bill have thus far been something of a farce, totally ignoring the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the inclusion of independent candidates in elections. Last week the much-anticipated public hearings into government’s proposed new Electoral Bill commenced, affording South Africans the opportunity to have their say on which […]

Join a Public Hearing near you

VIEW / DOWNLOAD – Provincial Public Hearings Programme: https://bit.ly/3pO3Wqc ICA & OSA will be crisscrossing the country to attend the Public Participation Meetings. Parliament has less than 100 days to pass a new law that will forever change the way our leaders are elected to government. This is the most important law since the dawn […]

‘Next six months could change destiny of nation’ — Michael Louis

Businessman, Christian marketplace leader and chairman of One South Africa Movement, Dr Michael Louis, calls on citizens to speak up at a critical time of electoral transition READ THE ARTICLE HERE: https://bit.ly/3uMOIoR We are entering into the most crucial time of a journey that has lasted more than five years. With the important Constitutional Court (New Nation […]